Brian Hirst at work brings together the unique working relationship of an award winning sommelier with a master glassblower to produce outstanding designs for those who appreciate good decanters. We also design for restaurants, working to your designs.

ORGANIC WINE (VESSELS) With designs inspired by “the asymmetrical shape, the organic feeling” and “an old-fashioned big electrical bulb and the ergonomics of a bowling ball” these hand-blown glass decanters by Sydney's Brian Hirst, designed with the help of 121BC's Giorgio [d]e Maria, are adorning the tables of many a thirsty taste-maker.

A leading figure in the Australian studio glass movement for more than 40 years, Brian Hirst creates distinctive hand blown glass pieces of deceptively simple form. Brian's keen interest in the history of glass is often reflected in his glass decanters for a very contemporary final product.